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Heating & Cooling

Looking for climate control solutions for your upcoming outdoor event? Look no further! LET offers a range of rental options, including outdoor event fans, air conditioning units, and heaters, ensuring your guests' comfort at any gathering or party.


Tent Accessories

We offer a variety of different tent accessories to accommodate each custom tent. Accessories include, but are not limited to tent drapes, pole covers, pole leg drapes, water barrels and water barrel covers.


Additional Party Rentals

We aim to ensure that your event planning experience is incredibly smooth, which is why we partner with third-party event rental companies to provide any party rental items you may require. Additional rentals may include:

  • Tables, Chairs, Furniture

  • Linens, Glassware, Kitchen Equipment

  • Flowers and/or Landscaping 

  • Food and Beverage

  • Temporary Restrooms

  • Security


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