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Traditional Frame Tents

Need a tent for an upcoming event? We've got you covered! Traditional Frame Tents are the most versatile tents in our rental inventory. Our tents are commercial grade and range in size from 6' x 6' to 40' x 120'. Our staff is always available to answer any questions and determine what size tent you need. 

*Additional sizes may be available upon request.

*All tents are offered in both clear and white.

Structure Tents

Structure tents are designed to cover larger areas and resemble a more permanent structure compared to traditional frame tents. Structure tents have taller perimeter legs, no center poles, and a higher ceiling than other tents. These structures are engineered to withstand weather conditions and allow for elaborate decor and light rigging.

Tent Sidewalls

Tent sidewalls are versatile additions to any outdoor event setup. These sidewalls offer shelter from the elements while also providing a sense of enclosure and privacy. Whether you're hosting a private gathering, protecting your display from wind and rain, or simply defining your space, tent sidewalls are a practical and customizable solution for a variety of purposes. LET offers white, clear, and cathedral sidewalls. 


Whether you're planning an intimate soirée or a grand celebration, we are passionate about transforming spaces through the power of light. We offer a variety of different lighting including

  • Festoon

  • Bistro globe

  • White Italian chandeliers

  • Fairy lights

*Additional lighting may be available upon request.

Flooring & Pool Covers

Keep guests and surfaces safe with temporary event flooring and portable accessways. In addition, we can transform your pool into the ultimate party venue or dance floor with a variety of different pool covers. We offer the following different flooring options:

  • White Wood Floor

  • Black and White Checkered Dance Floor

  • Parquet Dance Floor

  • Carpet or Turf

  • Stages